Love the Faith

When a Montessori environment focuses on supporting the development of normalization for each child, nurturing the spirit goes hand in hand.  The Montessori philosophy of education believes that every child carries within them the person they will become.  To develop their physical, intellectual, and spiritual capacity at Little Sweethearts Montessori the Village, we have a wonderfully quiet retreat as part of our preschool environment. 

A traditional aspect of the Montessori experience, designed by Dr Montessori and developed by Sofia Cavaletti and Giovanna Gobbi in Rome, the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is based on Maria Montessori’s self- teaching principles and the traditions of the Catholic church that appeals to the child’s spiritual awareness. 

Faith Cottage – Our Atrium space

In our top photograph, one of our LSM children is in our Atrium, where he is attracted to the Good Shepherd and Jesus’ abiding love for his sheep in our Atrium.   Children develop a special love the Good Shepherd even before they realize, they are the sheep, hearing the story, reflecting what they have heard and then re-enacting it themselves.

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