Our Garden Room

Little Sweethearts Montessori

At Little Sweethearts Montessori our focus is your child.  Rather than teaching facts and lessons your child will be able to choose their own activities in an environment that is set up to make the most of their need for independence and freedom of choice.  Our Montessori curriculum offers your child the ability to create, to dream and develop a life-long love of learning through practical life activities, exploring the senses, the natural world, language, maths, the arts, social and physical skills. Great care is shown how to work and play together, to handle materials, improve co-ordination and to tackle problems in a logical, orderly manner.  Your child is given the freedom to choose their own activities and work uninterrupted.  Meeting the needs of individual children, we offer a calm, secure environment where your child’s sense of order, desire to be independent and to help out is acknowledged


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